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Plants Are Coming


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What We Are Planning

Sunday Moon Designs is looking to expand its product to a wide crowd. The creators of Sunday Moon Designs, Stephanie Van Ek and Hannah Slate, both share a huge love and appreciation for plants.  They have always incorporated plants into their designs and also have made them part of their aesthetic. As the love for plants grew in the Sunday Moon business we have decided to share that love with our customers. 

We plan to have a number of plants available to our customers who also share a love for plants and also those who are looking to start! We also have plans to have pots, soil mixes, and other plant supplies available as well! 

This is a work in process for us, so we ask you to be patient with us for it to be officially released! When we finalize details we will definitely let our customers know!

Thank you for always supporting us and our dreams. We appreciate you and your patience.

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